What muffins should I make tomorrow?

I’m taking a break today from baking and wanted to know what kind of muffin you’d like me to bake next? Something savory or something heart healthy? I’d love to have an actual muffin name so just write in your favorite muffin.

I have tried & true berry muffin recipes but thought ya’ll might want something different than the norm.

Happy Baking,


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  1. Stacy Fritz says:

    First of all, I should preface this email by saying that I have only made one muffin from scratch that was banana, coconut, and chocolate chip. It turned out okay, but a little sticky. I usually grab a box of muffins from the store, but my favorites have to be oat bran and poppyseed. I can’t wait to try your poppyseed muffins Jessica. Looks very yummy. I also love chocholate, chocholate chip muffins. Can you tell I have a slight addiction to chocholate!