Our First Day of School

We made it! No sobbing from mom! And only a little choked up once I got back to the car!


It’s amazing how cathartic and therapeutic it is to write down how you feel. After last night’s foray into sadness & tears of how quickly the last four years have passed, I felt SO much better. And thank you for your encouragement after I shared how sad I was to see my girl growing up. Now I’m glad I got my emotions out early, because this morning I was freed up to be super happy and excited for her.


So now I’ve got an empty house. And it’s SO QUITE ya’ll! Such an amazing sound! The sound of nothing. I can actually hear myself think! WOW!!!

For some reason though, I don’t really see myself staying at home today to enjoy this new solitude. I’m sure Jared would appreciate if I cleaned up this messy house a tad but I’m thinking I’ll go to a coffee shop instead, just to sit and think. That is one thing I have not been able to do much of in the last four years!

Enjoy your day! I’m pretty sure I will!







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  1. Hope you have a great day! Your posts from last night and this morning are making me tear up! I can’t believe Stella is already going to school. When we met, I think she was just a few weeks old, if that.

    • I think you actually met her the day we brought her home from the hospital. CRAZY, how it goes so quickly. Your drop-off day will be here before you know it!

  2. Success! I hope you enjoy your day. I am sure it will be different. Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks Katie! It’s been a great day so far. The funny part is realizing that I have hours, not just one or two, before I have to be somewhere. Off to do some cooking now!! I want to get together soon and have a baking/cooking party together.

  3. It’s nice too see you enjoying and documenting this special time as a parent. I’ve always wanted to have some sort of medal to give Mom’s on the day their youngest enters a full day of school. Getting our littlest ones to that point takes more effort and heart than could ever be explained to anyone who hasn’t walked it. Well done Mom! I celebrate all the Moms out there who made it to that finish line this month. You deserve a medal even though I don’t have one to offer. Now go enjoy some days recreated based on your own forgotten needs.

    • Thanks Teresa for your encouragement & support. I agree that unless you’ve walked this experience, it is hard to understand what it feels like. (Which can be applied to so many things in our lives!)
      She is enjoying school but unfortunately the days are quite long and we have a difficult time each morning at drop off.
      So I remind myself that hugs and patience are the most important gifts I can give her each morning.