The SC Flood Rages On: How You Can Help

Yesterday’s post was all lighthearted and fun but today’s is a bit more somber. And even though I woke up planning to write on A Servant’s Heart in Marriage for my series post, I just couldn’t. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Right now, there are people losing their homes because of the floodwaters in our state and my heart breaks for them.

The people of Columbia, SC need your prayers. Really really badly. The latest count was at least 18 dams have been breached. People’s homes are being destroyed by floodwaters and their lives will forever be altered. I’m sure they are thankful for the skin on their backs but I can’t imagine what life would be like if you had to start over from scratch. Which reminds me that whatever physical comforts we wrack up, all of it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

And here in the Lowcountry, we do have flooding but, in my opinion – me with the dry house & simply a soggy yard, our woes are nothing like Columbia where rivers are spewing and many have no drinking water and others now have no home.

Beltline Rosewood Dr rescue (Source: WIS)

{Beltline Rosewood Drive Rescue: Source: WIS}

So even though Day 5 of kids at home again may seem rough at first, I’m reminded the importance of perspective and how thankful I am for a home not standing in water, for safe kids, and for the gift of time to be with them when they still want to spend time with me.

If you want to help the victims of the #SCFlood you can partner with either the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or The United Way.

Most of all, please pray that those in danger could be rescued safely. The rivers are continuing to rise and may not crest for a few more weeks.




{Today is day 6 of the series 31 Days to a Servant’s Heart that I am writing for #write31days.}


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  1. I live in Columbia and yes it has been devistating! It has also been very overwhelming to see this city and state come together in such an amazing way! Thankfully my home is dry, we weren’t rescued by boat from our home at 6am as we reached over to feel nothing but water in our home, but for many this was the case!! Blessings from the midlands to you!!!