Plant a lettuce box for Earth Day

Want to celebrate Earth Day (Sunday) with your kids? What about…

Growing lettuce is so easy & simple and you get rewarded fresh food pretty quickly! Instant gratification seems to be a need of the kids I know.

You can either keep your lettuce small (above), which would then be called microgreens. Cut them at the very bottom every few days. You get more intense flavor this way.

Or allow to grow larger, as we’ve done with our romaine (Cinnamaron variety) below.

This is the first year I’ve tried micro-greens and they are tasty! You start these from regular seed but are just harvesting a lot more early & frequently.

And perhaps throw in an extra veggie besides the lettuce? I’m trying to grow cucumber (Green Apple variety) upside down this year – and it appears to be working!

ENJOY your weekend outside with family, friends, and nature!




Gardening in 2012

In case you don’t know me personally, one of my first loves is gardening. The majority of my childhood memories revolve around planting, weeding, harvesting, and then more weeding! In fact, I think the only time in my life I did not have a garden was when I was in college.

I am very fortunate that my husband loves to garden as much as me and until now, we’ve been pretty lucky that our back yard provided the basic needs for a garden… dirt, rain, and sun. But then, I woke up one day in summer 2011 and said, “What’s that?” Then came the reply… “Oh, its our Live Oak Tree that somehow massively spread its wings and now shades the majority of our two 8’x8′ raised beds!”

After some grumbling (okay, quite a bit of grumbling), you finally realize that will get you nowhere and you better start making lemonade from those lemons!

So this year we are going to begin a new garden plot in front of our back porch and lucky you, are going to get to hear all about it!

Here are pictures of our old garden spots and where our new garden spot will be. We are going to do away with the garden to the left but still try to get something to grow in the other garden, despite the shade. And I’m sure there will still be enough dirt remaining in the ‘old’ garden for my kids to enjoy playing in their own garden spot.

Sad, Sad Garden...Go Away Mr. Shade

Our new garden spot...think it has potential?

This was taken a few years back and last year's garden was nowhere near as green.

Awesome lettuce box my husband built me which still gets enough sunlight - yeah!

I hope you’ll humor me and read along as I blog about our garden adventures this year and I hope you’ll try some gardening yourself. From small pots, to old wheelbarrows, to an abandoned neighborhood lot…plant some seeds, give them water, and let the sun do the rest!

I’d love to hear about your gardening adventures!