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As far back as I can remember food has been one of my greatest passions. Reading cookbooks, watching my mom can bushels of green beans, asking what’s for dinner, or explaining to my cousin why FROG the steer wasn’t in the pasture anymore…I simply can’t remember a time I haven’t been in love with food.

I want to share my love of food with you and most importantly, share why local food matters and how you can eat locally while on a budget. A lot of people think it is too expensive to buy locally or choose organic foods. I believe with a bit of planning and prioritizing, you can eat healthy local food on a budget. I’m a stay at home mom and my weekly food budget is to stay under $125. Sometimes I accomplish this and other times I go over.  But I really do think, overall, it is possible! In each recipe I’ll list out which ingredients are local and how obtained (aka….frozen blueberries used in a December cobbler come from a you-pick farm in June).

I hope you’ll check out my blog often to learn how to use all those local ingredients to make really yummy dishes!  Along the way I’ll share confessions of being a mom and give lots of thanks to God for His goodness.

Come cook with me!


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  1. Love the blog… You may have always loved food but I know for certain you never liked to do the dishes!–Love, Your big sister