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You walk into a room filled with hundreds {but it feels more like thousands} of women and you think…woa…what am I doing here? Let’s just turn around…I can hang out in my hotel room all weekend and be fine.

Cause you see, me, I’m not a big blogger…me….I only write a few times a month…once again, what am I doing here at this blogging conference with LOTS of big namers.

But then you experience the beauty of women, together, lifting their hands in a chorus of praise to the Lord.
You catch your breath and are reminded of just why you are here.

When I pondered going to Allume over the summer I wondered if I was crazy to spend such money on a blogging conference when I am just a sometimes blogger. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on the decaying window frame that needed replaced a few hundred days ago or on a relaxing weekend away with my husband?

But as I prayed about whether I should go to Allume, I kept hearing the word “Go”.
A constant whisper in my head when I sought His guidance on these plans I had signed myself up for. And I am so glad I did listen to His voice. Because…

therewardIt turned out to be such a growing experience, time spent delving closer to Christ, being renewed and inspired, and forming many new friendships. {The ladies I met were so welcoming, kind, and uplifting!}

While there I was so fortunate to attend a session by Lisa-Jo Baker about how us mom’s so often worry that motherhood means we are missing out on something. {And ya’ll, if I had only made it to this one session…the whole weekend would have been worth it. It was that incredible!}

Don’t we all question if there isn’t something bigger we are suppose to be doing with our time rather than just being a mom. So often I ask up the question…does what I do really matter to Christ?

But you know what Lisa-Jo said about that question…

I am NOT just a mom. Not just a sometimes blogger. If this world is God’s kingdom on earth then none of us are just something. For in God’s kingdom, every single moment & every single second is kingdom work. Whether that is washing dishes, folding clothes, inviting a college student over for a meal, or opening the door for a stranger. You see, there is nothing routine about your routine.

The time I spent at Allume lifted my spirits, encouraged me to keep writing, and reminded me that no matter how often I blog or how many times I drearily stick my hands into yet another sink load of dirty dishes…I am not just.

So I encourage you to find places where God can
encourage you, nourish you, and pour Himself INTO you.
You are that important and He delights Himself in you.

{Myself with Lindsay and Leigh}


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  1. Great post! I love seeing this through your eyes. I am so glad you went to Allume!

  2. Hi Jessica, I found you via Meredith’s site and I’m so glad I stopped by! I wasn’t able to attend Allume this year but I really needed this nugget of wisdom you soaked up from it this morning. I’ve been having one of those “just a mom, just a blogger” weeks and there is so much truth and wisdom here. It’s true, when we’re part his kingdom there is no unimportant work. Thanks for sharing!

    • Abby,
      Hi! I’m so glad this post spoke to you and helped encourage you. I too have to often remind myself my worth is found in Christ, not in the mundane AND that He works through the mundane not just the big rainbows. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh Jessica this is SO true!! This right here spoke to me:

    But as I prayed about whether I should go to Allume, I kept hearing the word “Go”.
    A constant whisper in my head when I sought His guidance on these plans I had signed myself up for. And I am so glad I did listen to His voice.

    I felt the SAME way. I put off spending the money until the end of August, when I just felt like I couldn’t tell God no anymore. And, I am SO glad I went.

    Lisa Jo’s session was my favorite too. I even told my husband that I would’ve spent the whole conference price ticket just to attend HER session. I needed it. I’m not trying to spam your blog, but since you mentioned her session I wanted to share this post that was my takeaway from it. I really hope she comes back next year, maybe as a keynote :)

    • That is just fine to share your post Misty. I had enjoyed reading it as well. And it would be awesome if Lisa-Jo came back next year as a keynote. I started reading her book last night and it is great.

  4. I love reading this – love it. And i love that picture of you three beautiful souls!