31 Days to a Servant’s Heart

Today {October 1st} is the beginning of a personal journey and challenge for me.

You see, I’ve said yes to a dare to #writefor31days!

Years ago when I first heard of this blogging challenge I thought it was crazy. Writing should be about quality, not quantity, right?

But as time fades into years rolling by, I’ve come to realize that these thoughts in my head aren’t going to write themselves. And as with most things in life, if you rarely practice at something, you never get any better at it.

So here goes nothing!

IMG_1490 IMG_1487 IMG_1509

My topic for this challenge is all about having a servant’s heart.


And not because I succeed at that. Oh no!

My serviceing heart is more closely aligned to feelings of resentment, keeping score, and making sure others know just how great of a sacrifice I made.

But in all my Bible readings, that description doesn’t really fit with how Christ lived his life. So if my purpose in this thing called ‘life’ is to live more like Christ, then serving other’s as He did seems a good place to start.

Since solely writing about a servants heart is quite a bit daunting, I’ll also have days where I share cooking tips or simply photojournal my families life.

Want to journey with me on this dream to have a more gracious #servantsheart? Click here for a listing of my post each day or here to see what others are writing about.




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  1. Yay! I’m so proud of you for tackle this challenge…and I look forward to reading this series. I could use a lesson in serving others with a heart like His. And a few cooking tips won’t hurt me either.

  2. It is a brave thing to think & write from a servant’s heart. Lean into it. It will be beautiful.

  3. WOW! Love your pictures, so glad to be writing alongside you in the challenge, I am writing on 31 Days of Faith x