3 Things You May Not Know About Me

What I’ve learned during my attempt to write 31 days in a row.

#1. I am a perfectionist
Granted, I had come to that forgone conclusion a number of years ago. However, I am reminded daily during this October challenge that if the post isn’t my best work, it is still ok to click publish. The difficulty of writing
means that a few of the blog post may be really good and some may be ok but many might fall quite short of perfect. So I’m slowly accepting that perfectionism is overrated!

#2. I love taking & sharing photos of my families life
Real life is messy, it’s chaotic, and I feel most free to be me when I am with my family. So whether it’s making mudpies, wading through the marsh to find a creek brimming with blue crabs, or playing on abandoned catamarans…being outside in nature is where I am happiest. And I hope that by viewing the photographs I share of my family, you are encouraged to spend more time with your children, family, and friends in this great big world we’ve been blessed to inhabit. {It also doesn’t hurt that when I’m feeling less than thrilled to write, my readers {you amazing person that you are for reading my blog} still seem to enjoy my photos. So thank you!}

#3. My best writing is completed in the morning
We all have a time of day when our productivity peaks and then quickly descends into “let’s just put that off for a few more hours because I really need to do something else drastically important…like call someone??” If I don’t click publish prior to 10 o’clock in the morning, you will find me on the wheel of procrastinating by calling a sister, a friend, really anyone who will pick up the phone and just let me talk about absolutely nothing so I can escape from the task at hand.

So here we are…it’s 9:42pm, I have yet to write anything about a servant’s heart, but I do have some photos I could share!!! And I have laryngitis so unfortunately I can’t call anyone to help me in my procrastination.

Enjoy the photos! And thank you so much for taking time to read my blog.


IMG_0753 IMG_0968 IMG_2008 IMG_1831 IMG_2043 IMG_2135 IMG_2112 IMG_2075 IMG_1874 IMG_1718 IMG_1050

Day 18 of the #write31days challenge. I’m supposed to be writing about a Servant’s Heart…but sharing photographs is so much easier!

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  1. Again, heartfelt…which makes for a great blog. Fabulous photos and sincere thoughts. Very much worth the read. You go girl! xoxox