Mmm…the taste of fresh mowed grass

So last Friday after a long day of taking care of the kids, cleaning up the kitchen countless times, and stepping onto matchbox cars with their rough edges on the soles of my bare feet, I decided I just had to have a break. And what would be nicer than a romantic meal at home with my husband….a glass or two of wine, a meal made from local ingredients, and a quiet house with sleeping kids.

Well, before you try to make your man a romantic dinner, you should make sure he likes the ingredients you’re using! Because apparently I forgot that my husband doesn’t like arugula.

And, he doesn’t just not like it. He detests it. So I make this really nice meal of fresh flounder, locally made pasta, and you bet….arugula lightly sauteed and mixed in with the pasta.

The worst meal of the decade…according to my husband!

I thought it tasted pretty good but after one bite, my husband promptly announced…this tastes like fresh mowed grass. WHAT??? How would someone know what that tastes like and really, how could I think this tasted good and he very much hated it?  He explained that if I had been as lucky as him to have been a boy, that around the age of 10 I would have been pounded into the dirt and grass during a scuffle and would know first hand what fresh mowed grass tastes like.

So in case you were wondering what fresh mowed grass tastes like…just saute some arugula and you’ll know! At least, according to my husband you will.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed this funny story at my attempt at a romantic meal at home. Coming later this week I’ll be sharing Christmas cookie recipes from an annual cookie exchange and also, some ideas on making homemade goodies to give as Christmas presents.

Enjoy today,


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  1. Awww! I think it looks delicious. I especially like Mater in the background for ambiance. His tow cable hurts when you step on it – believe me, I know! Hope you did get to relax a bit in the end!!