Cooking Tip #1: How to Make Brown Sugar

Yes, I do realize that yesterday I talked all about how I think white granulated sugar should be called CRACK.
And it should!

But I don’t want to be a hypocrite and pretend I never use granulated sugar. While I prefer coconut sugar and it is colored brown, it doesn’t always sub in well for brown sugar.

Hence, I still use granulated sugar from time to time but after finding that store bought brown sugar quickly becomes dry, I now make my own. You can easily do this with just molasses and granulated sugar!

I try to purchase organic or 100% cane sugar as it is non-GMO. If you purchase sugar that is not 100% cane sugar more than likely it is from GMO sugar beets. Molasses, stored in the fridge, never goes bad…or atleast not for a few years! And, I can use that molasses in these spectacular Ginger Molasses Cookies I make at Christmas time.

Here is some scientific learning for the day…during the normal refinement of sugar, molasses is extracted from the sugar. Then a very small amount is added back to the sugar, resulting in the brown sugar you find in stores.

Making brown sugar is as easy as combing sugar with a varying amount of molasses, dependent upon how dark you want the brown sugar to be. The normal ratio is 1 cup sugar combined with 2 tsp to 1 TBSP of molasses. {I prefer to use 1 TBSP because I love dark brown sugar and the taste of molasses. But only use a few teaspoons if you prefer light brown sugar.}


In a large mixing bowl, incorporate the molasses into the sugar using a spoon or fork to mash it all together. This may take a few minutes, but eventually, it will look like this. The sugar can be stored in a zipper tight bag for a few months.


Pretty simple!



Today is Day 17 of the #write31days challenge I am participating in.

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