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This Blog & My Life

Preserving FOOD

I’m originally from a farm in the NC Appalachian mountains and I cherish teaching my children where there food comes from & showing them how to garden in our backyard.  When possible & affordable, I choose organic and local produce & meat.

I have a growing family and know that choosing to eat local, organic, & gluten free is not cheap. But I think if you shop smart you can make amazing dishes that don’t break the bank. And the #1 way to do that is with fresh ingredients! The tastiest ingredients are going to be locally grown and even better when they are from your backyard.

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Preserving FAITH

My faith is what brings me joy, sustains me during difficult times, and what allows me to muddle through the mundane that life offers and still put a smile on my face. I believe grace is what faith is all about – the grace of forgiveness, the grace of getting to try yet again to get it right, the grace that no matter what I do I have a Heavenly Father who unconditionally loves me. That GRACE, that is what I cherish and why I want to share my love of Christ with others.

With all that said though, I still have doubts & questions and wonder if I am crazy believing in all this. But I tell myself this….I’d rather get to the end of my life and find a black void and realize it was all in error RATHER than go through life without this faith to ground me and give me hope.

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Preserving FAMILY

I feel so blessed to be partnered with my husband in life. We have two young kids and woah!, at times, being a parent is difficult! I feel very fortunate that I get to experience this but there are times that I’d like to throw in the towel and get them back in a few years time.

“The years have been short but the days were long” The Shins

But luckily, kids are super cute and super sweet – so it doesn’t take long before they warm your heart for the umpteenth time. I find great happiness in cutting construction paper with scissors, having kids covered in dirt feeding me mudpies, and making messes in the kitchen as I teach them to bake. Giving my children a strong foundation of faith as well as countless life experiences is how I’d sum up my philosophy as a mom.

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  1. Mary Rupe--Joscelyn Malcon Mother says:

    So wonderful to get this from Autym. You will be an inspiration to a whole world of people from this point on. Wish I were close enough for your classes, although I know how to can there are always new methods and I’d love to spend time talking with you again. Congratulations to you and good luck. Mary

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