Canning Parties

‘Putting Up’ food allows you to capture in a jar the essence, the vibrancy of that succulent tomato
and to then re-open the jar 6 months later and relive what summer tastes like. 

As a child we grew 90% of everything we ate and canning & preserving our food was simply a way of life. I learned from my grandmothers, my mom, sister in law…and I want to share that knowledge with others. So I decided to launch a small business where I teach other people how to can.

I offer canning parties where I will come to your house and teach you & your friends all the ins & outs of preserving food. From the comfort of your home, while sipping a cocktail or two, you will become confident that yes, you CAN can!

Parties average 4 hours, dependent upon the produce & recipe(s) you are learning to preserve. My most interested parties are either Pickles & Preserves or Canning Tomatoes. If you are interested in learning to can another type of produce, that works too.

Contact me at for pricing and further questions.




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